About us

Why us? Just because we and our ancestors as long as we know were born and lived in Calarash, Vadul-Rashkov, Orhey, Chisinau, spoke in Yiddish and Romanian, cooked gefilte fish and mamalyga, fought for this land and are buried in it… Because we consider important and want our children and grand-children wherever they would be born and live to remember this part of their family’s history and transfer it further as memory is one of conditions of preserving our people during centuries and millenniums.

We know that many people living now in the USA, Israel, Germany, France, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Australia share the same thoughts and feelings. So, we decided to create a platform and present it to everybody who heard Bessarabian Yiddish words from a grandma or grandpa, story of their childhood, connected with this piece of land. Who has old photos and documents about those times and people.

Why now? Because it is always late. And more lately means more irrevocable. That is why we want to collect dozens and hundreds of stories, let it be a separate fragment or photo or occasional event. All these are links in the endless chain of names, destinies, events, achievements, generations that came from the Eternity and pass in it. And if not now, when?!